Friday, December 25, 2015

2015: A Memorial

They say not to speak ill of the dead. With this year on its deathbed, I think I will adopt that policy.

There was a lot that happened this year for me. A lot to be thankful for. My parents were gracious enough to allow me to move back in with them after my previous living arrangement developed a fault. They've been genuinely wonderful to me, and I hope they know how much I appreciate it.

I started the year off with finally going to college. Took a total of six classes, two per standard quarter (just skipped summer), and learned quite a bit. In all, it was an alright experience.

After the chaos that ended 2014, I started working harder than ever at my job. Earned four raises this year in addition to the minimum wage increase back in January, and I also became a supervisor. Sure, it's only a fast food job, and someday I'll leave it, but for now, I'm enjoying working with a good team, with bosses who appreciate the work I do and give me hours to show it, and even all of the regular customers we get.

Partway into the summer, I... had some troubles (which will remain undisclosed). An old friend, someone I hadn't spoken to in years or seen in close to a decade, noticed those troubles. Reconnecting with her has been one of the best things to happen to me this year. She helped me see some things, come to some realizations, that I really needed to see and realize. I'd do a name drop, but I don't currently have a way to reach her before this will go live, and I don't want to do it without permission. Anyway, she helped me a ton, and I'm very privileged to be able to consider her one of my closer friends.

Later in the summer I decided it was finally time to get my license and a car. I renewed my permit, bought a car, and got my license in a span of three weeks. Since then, I've been enjoying having my own transportation 24/7. It's easier to buy groceries, easier to get places, allows me to give coworkers lifts home when they need one... in short, it's fantastic. I'm glad that I dedicated myself to getting it done.

Of everything that happened in 2015, these were the best parts of the year. But it's time for 2016 to shine.

This next year, I'm discontinuing my college journey. Or rather postponing it. Because my parents' income factors into my financial aid allotment, I am going to wait until I am 25 to continue going to school. In place of that, I'm going to put a lot of time and energy into being ready to move out on my own. Into some hobbies that I want to spend more time on, archery in particular. I'm going to focus some time and energy inward as well, thinking about what I really want out of life. For all the good that 2015 brought, there was a lot that I didn't mention. Many monkey wrenches were thrown into my plans, and I need to sort through the wreckage. Refine. Define.

I've been feeling chaotic for too long, I think. The time has come for order.

2016, I'm ready. I'm going to make this year a good one,

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Got back in!

For a while there, I was unable to access my blog, due to Google's overtaking of practically the whole internet. Seems they finally worked out some of the kinks, though, so hopefully I'll be posting a *little* bit more regularly.

But it's got to wait until after this week. Insanely busy with college work through Friday.

On Saturday, however, I'm probably going to make some sort of "end of the year" post about how 2015 went for me. I'll be vague on many things, some of which I've already been too open about over the course of the year, but I plan to keep it interesting nonetheless.

I'll make a small post here and now, since I can.

Subtitle: Missing Buttons

The name of this blog started as just a joke. I got a blog because it was the hip thing to do, and as I struggled for a name, I realized that the button for my shorts had flown the coop. Little did I know that I would come to see this title as a metaphor for my life.

I've grown up a lot since starting this blog, way back in... goodness, middle school? 
-Leaves briefly to check date of first post-
October 4, 2009. So the beginning of my sophomore year of high school.
Funny, in a way. That year was the start of many things which will be covered later in my end of the year blog.
I've become a man over the course of these past six years. My knowledge has increased, and I'd like to think that my wisdom has as well. I'm still fallible. Very much so, in fact; I mean, I'm only 22. There are things in my life which I've taken for granted and suddenly I realized I'd lost them along the way.
My life has many missing buttons. I can replace those buttons with new ones of different colors, sizes, or designs, but the fact remains that things which were once part of me have taken off and separated to their own, different paths. Each time I struggle to keep up, like a pair of shorts that now only relies upon a zipper, but I manage.

I'm going to stop here. Don't want to get too deep into this before my big post at the end of the year.

Take care, all.
- David "Middleman93" Stripes