Sunday, October 4, 2009


As an inexperienced blogger, this will be sort of a test. I was never really good at explaining how I view things, or what I'm currently pondering, or any of that.
Last night, I hung out with some friends at Josh's house around a fire. We had a good time, talking about whatever was on our minds. Oftentimes we would contemplate putting somebody in the fire, usually me, and whoever was, er, at stake, would usually protest. We also talked about worship, the way it is vs. the way we all agreed it should be, as well as other issues with the church.
Well, enough for now. I'm being a rude guest.

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  1. Hello David,

    This is kind of cool, I mean, being the first to comment on your new blog. Hope you keep up with it and don't just let it die out like other blogs I've run across. And you're doing well already starting out with 3 followers. I found your blog by seeing who Sharon Gerlach was following after she had added her name to my blog. It's kind of cool how it grows (or doesn't). Anyhow good luck and by the way, it's your blog so you can't be a rude guest-- you're the host. So keep us welcomed to want to keep coming back to see what else you've got to say. I'll be back to visit again.